Photovoltaic power generation system is composed of solar panel matrix, battery pack, charge and discharge control board, inverter power supply, communication and AC distribution box, automatic control system for sunlight tracking and other equipment.

2.Battery group

Its effect is to store the electromagnetic energy emitted by the solar panel matrix when it is exposed to sunlight and to supply power to the load at any time and place. The basic requirements for solar battery panel power generation for commonly used battery packs are: a. Low self-discharge rate; b. Long service life; c. Deep charge and discharge working ability; d. High battery charging efficiency; e. Less maintenance or free Maintenance; f. Wide range of operating temperature; g. High quality and low price.

3.Solar water heater

In the presence of sunlight (whether it is natural light or sunlight caused by other luminous bodies), the rechargeable battery digests and absorbs light energy, and the accumulation of different positive charges on both sides of the rechargeable battery causes "photogenerated working voltage". "Photovoltaic utility." Under the effect of photovoltaic effect, the two sides of the solar cell panel create electromotive force, which converts light energy into electromagnetic energy, and is a component of energy conversion. Solar panels are usually silicon rechargeable batteries, divided into monocrystalline silicon solar panels, polycrystalline silicon solar panels and amorphous silicon solar panels.

4.Inverter power

Equipment that converts alternating current into alternating current. Because the solar panel and battery are DC stabilized power supplies, and the inverter is indispensable when the load is communicating with the AC load. According to the operation method, the inverter power supply can be divided into a single inverter power supply and a grid-connected inverter. Stand-alone operation Inverter power supply is used for the solar panel power generation system software that operates independently to supply power for a separate load. Grid-connected inverter is used for grid-connected solar panel power generation system software. The inverter power can be divided into square wave inverter power and sine wave inverter according to the output waveform. The square wave inverter power supply circuit is simple, the engineering cost is low, but the harmonic content is large. It is usually used for system software below a few hundred watts and the harmonic regulation is too low. The cost of a sine wave inverter is increased, but it can be applied to various loads.

5.Control system

It is a machine and equipment that can fully prevent the battery from being overcharged and discharged. Because the battery's cyclic system charge and discharge frequency and charge / discharge depth 1 are key factors in determining the battery life, a charge and discharge control board capable of manipulating the battery pack to overcharge or discharge is an indispensable machine.

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