⑵Inspect the pump inlet and outlet pipelines, flanges, valves, and pressure gauge joints for leaks, cooling water, and ground screws and their connections for looseness

(3) Refuel to 1 / 2-2 / 3 according to the regulations on the use of lubricating oil.

⑷Crossbar check whether the rotor is flexible, without friction and impact sound, and rotates for a week without feeling light and heavy. ⑸ Check whether the wheel coupling is connected properly, whether the motor ground wire is properly installed, and whether the rotation direction of the pump and the motor are consistent.

⑹Install the wheel cover. It is forbidden to contact the wheel with the cover and clean the pump body.

⑺Open each cooling water valve, check whether it is smooth, and adjust normally.

(8)For pumps with sealing oil, check whether the sealing oil pipeline is connected properly, and the accessories must be complete and easy to use. The valve of the sealing oil pipeline is fully closed.

⑼Open the pump inlet valve to fill the pump with liquid, open the pressure gauge, the drain valve exhausts the air in the pump, and closes after draining.

⑽ Before starting the hot oil pump, slowly open the inlet valve to warm up. The temperature difference between the pump body and the medium is below 50 ° C, and it is cranked 180 degrees every 10 minutes during preheating.

⑾ Contact other positions and improve the process.

⑿ Contact an electrician to check the motor and power it on.

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