Gear Motor 220v

General reducer series.Mounting Arrangements: Foot/Flange/Torque Arm.
Output Shaft Design:Solid/Hollow/Shrink disk.

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gear motor 220v(001)

Gear motor is widely used in all kinds of general mechanical equipments such as metallurgy, mining, hoisting, transportation, cement, construction, chemical industry, textile, printing and dyeing, pharmacy, medical treatment, beauty treatment, health care massage, office supplies, etc.

Product Introduction

General reducer series.Mounting Arrangements: Foot/Flange/Torque Arm.

Output Shaft Design:Solid/Hollow/Shrink disk.

Products Specification





Output torque(kN.m)

Top to 50

Product feature and application


Our products are suitable for various fields, especially in intelligent kitchen, medical equipment, industrial equipment, security equipment, office supplies, robots, model aircraft and other fields.product are sold all over the world, by the consistent praise of customers.

Product qualification


We have our own professional research and development team, modern production equipment, high quality management team, strict factory inspection, and our products obtained international ISO-9001 certification.

Deliver-shipping and serving



1. What’s the advantage of using gear motor?

Simplify design and save space.

2. How about overload capacity?

Space saving, reliable and durable, high overload capacity, the power can reach above 95KW.

3. Which stages can be divided into?

Its series can be divided into single - stage, two - stage and three - stage gear motor.

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Promote speed reducer level of the main factors are:

(1) Theoretical knowledge is increasingly perfect, more close to the actual.

(2) The use of good materials, generally use a variety of high-quality alloy steel forgings, materials and heat treatment quality control level.The structure design is more reasonable.

(4) Processing accuracy to iso5-6 level.

(5) Bearing quality and life improvement.

(6) lubricating oil quality improvement.

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