Induction Motor 3 Phase

1)High power density and compact appearance.
2)VPI vacuum pressure impregnated F class insulation system can withstand short-term overload.
3)Low loss is achieved through high efficiency.

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Product Details

3 phase Induction motor Compared with dc motor, it has enough advantages in simple structure, easy maintenance, low environmental requirements, energy saving and productivity improvement, so that ac speed regulation has been widely used in industrial and agricultural production, transportation, national defense and daily life.

Product Introduction

1)High power density and compact appearance.

2)VPI vacuum pressure impregnated F class insulation system can withstand short-term overload.

3)Low loss is achieved through high efficiency.

4)The long brush life is realized by using the optimized current circulation system.

Products Specification

Manufacturing and Inspecting Standard

GB755-2008 rotary motor rated data and function(IEC60034);
GB10068-2008 vibration and its measurment, evaluation and limits above 56mm frame motor(IEC60034-14);
GB/T10069.3-2008 rotation motor electrical noise measurment methods and limits part 3: Noise limitsQ/HLD J001-2011 standard for YJP Series dedicated variable speed three-phase AC asynchronous motor.

Protection Class


Rated Frequency

50hz,60hz,25hz( Available rated frequency: 4 poles—19.3; 33Hz 6 poles— 29.3;37.5Hz)

Rated Power


Standard Rated Voltage

220V,330V,440V,550V ,660V or other Voltage may be derived on request

Motor Insulation

Class F

Mounting Type

IMB3(or as requested)



Motor Frame Size




Methods of Cooling: IC06, IC416 and ICW37A86, Other types of protection and cooling required by customers can be negotiated.

Product feature and application


All our motors are made of advanced production technology and high quality raw materials, suitable for shipbuilding, metallurgy, electric power, etc.All procedures are completed internally to ensure high quality motor.

Product qualification


We have our own production line, quality control equipment,and our products obtained international CE&TUV certification,products sold around the world.

Deliver-shipping and serving



1. What are the ways to change the speed of the motor?

Speed adjustment by varying slip.Changing the slip s of the motor to realize speed regulation can be divided into lowering the stator voltage speed regulation, rotor loop series resistance speed regulation and cascade speed regulation.

2. What grade of insulation can be divided into?

According to the insulation grade can be divided into E class, B class, F class, H class.

3. What are the two major categories of motor performance testing?

Check test and type test.

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