Extruder Gearbox for Plastic and Rubber

1) Highly standard modular designed
2) Quality material ensures the product reliability
3) High strength,compact dimension

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Product Details
extruder gearbox for plastic and rubber(001)

Extruder gearbox for plastic and rubber,Special reducer Series.Commonly used in rubber industry.

Output shaft:single and dual.Ratio of dual shafts is between 1.09~1.25.

Product Introduction

1) Highly standard modular designed

2) Quality material ensures the product reliability

3) High strength,compact dimension

4) Long service life

5) Low noise

6) High efficiency

7) Axial load ability of up to 5% of radial load

Products Specification





Output torque(kN.m)


Product feature and application


Our products are suitable for various fields, especially in intelligent kitchen, medical equipment, industrial equipment, security equipment, office supplies, robots, model aircraft and other fields.product are sold all over the world, by the consistent praise of customers.

Product detail


Deliver-shipping and serving


We will start production within ten days of receipt of the confirmed order.We use wooden cases to ensure that the products are in good condition during sea or air transportation.


1. What is the cause of overheated reducer?

Excessive lubricating oil or failure of cooling system.

2. Why is abnormal noise in fixed area of reducer?

The reducer fastener is loose.

3. What is the cause of oil leakage at the junction of components?

The parts are not tightly connected.

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Twin screw extruder in use for a period of time, screw back end and transmission bearing between the sealing bearing may appear wear, the gap between the two screw changes, screw back, thus causing friction.

Solution: in the process of the solution is to increase the formula of external lubrication, to reduce friction.

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